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Collecting the Sounds of and Stories of Alaska

The Alaska Music Archive is the repository for Alaskan recordings made from the last century until now. We are actively searching for single recordings and larger collections to digitize for the archive. If you have any rare Alaskan music you don't see represented here, contact us. We are working to make these recordings available online through Alaska's Digital Archives.

What we collect

Symphonic recordings, Music / bands on limited cassette release, Recorded letters / communication, Alaskana of all sorts, Native Language collections,

Voice Recordings, Spoken Word, Alaskan Classics, Recorded radio programs, ANYTHING that represents the musical history of Alaska. If it made a sound, sang a song or tols a story, we want to know about it.


Why are we collecting it?

Because it's disappearing. The Archive was created to collect as much of the recorded musical and oral history of Alaska as possible before it vanishes,. 


Throughout the 20th century independent Alaskan musicians released music on vinyl, tape and CD. Often these were small and independent releases put out on a shoestring. Some releases only saw 50 cassettes duplicated.


This music matters. Songs and music are the narration of Alaskan history. Ordinary people put their impressions of their world into song. Sometimes they sang folk songs, sometimes they played Polkas, sometimes they created rock.


​Time takes its toll. Master tapes are misplaced, moved out of state, damaged or lost completely. They simply vanish. We are collecting as much of it as possible before the history disappears.


Look at the list of recordings we already have, and the list of known recordings we are still searching for. If you know of others we should be trying to find, get on our mailing list


You don't have to be the copyright holder. You just need a copy of the album / CD/ tape. If you have a record or tape, we will provide for you, free of charge, a CD copy of your recording, MP3s of the recording and you'll get your tape back.



If you're an original artist with a recording, contact us. Don't let your release disappear with time.



Alaska Music Archives

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