A Letter to Alaskan Recording Artists

I don’t want to send an impersonal letter to everyone, but I have literally hundreds of artists to contact. And seeing as how I've worked with most of you, I'm sure you'll understand.


I want to tell to you about a project we’ve been working on for the past two years - The Alaska Music Archive.


You are being contacted because we have some of your material and are interested in including you in both the Archive and eventually presenting your music on the Alaska Music Channel (more on that later).


The Alaska Music Archive is a collection of over a thousand CDs, records and tapes spanning decades of Alaskan recording. Every style of music, Bluegrass, Rock, Jazz, Folk, etc. is represented in this diverse collection of music created by Alaskan musicians who have created independent releases over the years. It’s a massive undertaking and we have uncovered  hundreds of gems.


We are in the process of digitizing this entire collection, including covers and musical information (metadata). Our mission is to collect a complete catalog of commercial and private music releases from Alaska. In partnership with the UAA Consortium Library, some of the music in the archive (with artist permission) will be made permanently available on the UAA Library system’s SLED web host for research and historical purposes. http://sled.alaska.edu/ The Alaska Music Collection would also be cataloged in the Alaska Digital Archives at http://vilda.alaska.edu. The Archive will start to be up on the UAA server this spring.


The Alaska Music Show is broadcast every weekday from 10am to 6pm on KONR fm 106.1 in Anchorage. Over 100 original Alaskan songs are played every single day.


So please follow these links to find out more and to give us your information. We want you to put your music in the Archive and participate in The Alaska Music Show.


More about The Alaska Music Show 

More about The Alaska Music Archive

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Listing of music we already have





Kurt Riemann -

The Alaska Music Archive

(And Surreal Studios, of course)