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If I participate, will I be giving my music away?

No. Your music is not being sold, or licensed to anyone without your permission. We encourage anyone who goes to the Archive to follow your supplied links to purchase or license your music. Your music in the Archive is not even available to hear without your permission. Even when you grant permission, it would be too time consuming to download all your music, given the layout of the pages.


​Are you putting everything online?



We will only put music up which we have permission to host. While we encourage you to put as much up as you are comfortable with, we understand if you are hesitant. However, nobody can discover your music or think of ways to license it if they can't hear it. 

How is this being funded?


The Alaska Music Archive is an Alaskan 502 (c) (3) Nonprofit corporation funded through national and Alaskan Grants. The Atwood Rasmuson Foundations have been generous in funding archive efforts.


Do you want it even if I didn't record in Alaska?

The Archive and Alaska Music Show are interested in Alaskan-based recordings, so if you live here but recorded your music elsewhere, we forgive you. Tell us what you have!

All I have is a cassette copy. Do you still want it?

If we don't have any copy of the music in the first place, absolutely.

I only have one copy. I don't want to give it away.

We will copy, scan and return the tape / CD / record to you and send you beautiful MP3s of the work, all at no charge. We are extraordinarily careful with people's materials.




Contact us.


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