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The mission of the Alaska Music Archives is to gather, digitize and preserve the rich musical legacy of Alaska. The Archive has become a valued resource to the Performing Arts during our Virtual Season. 

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Intermission Music was an initiative from the Alaska Music Archives dedicated to presenting a Virtual Season of music when the Covid-19 pandemic shut down in-person performances.


Intermission Music consisted of recordings from the past decade where new content was created from recent performances to provide much needed visibility for Alaskan performing arts groups.

The Atwood Foundation generously provided seed money to start gathering 2010-2020 performance recordings for the digital audio archive. Concurrently, we produced new audio/visual content for Intermission Music. We focused on concert recordings from all performing arts groups who were active during the past decade

Here is our first offering from the archive of The Anchorage Symphony -

From April 2020 -

Program director Kurt Riemann is providing his decades of audio / video expertise and extensive Alaskan music library containing 70 years of recorded performances to keep the Alaskan performing arts in the public eye. A significant part of the collection contains thousands of Bob Amos recordings from 1972-2018.

Groups that benefited from the work of the Alaska Music Archive's asset creation through the shutdown have included -


  • The Anchorage Concert Chorus

  • Anchorage Symphony

  • Alaska Chamber Singers

  • Mat-Su Concert Band

  • Anchorage Civic Orchestra

  • Anchorage Community Concert Band

  • and many individual performing artists

We are creating high-quality audio/visual presentations of music videos for these performances, and these videos need sponsorship to fund their creation, a sponsorship which will be appropriately and abundantly credited.

If you are interested in the Alaska Music Archives' Intermission Music initiative, please contact us at


Or contact Kurt Riemann directly at 907-632-0515

Thank you for your interest and support.

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